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Apollo High School - Class of 1976
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The 2001 AHS 25th Reunion Invitation

  Reunion Invitation    

Can you answer some of question?


Class of ’76 Scavenger Hunt




As you visit with classmates tonight, write in the name of the appropriate person under each question. If you need to change an answer, just mark through the old one and write in your new choice. This is for classmates and spouses. We will get together later in the evening when the band takes a break to go over your findings and hand out some prizes.




1.   Find the person with the most grandkids. (Name of person and number of grandkids)


2.   Find someone who married their high school sweetheart.


3.   Find one of your former teachers.


4.   Find someone who is married to an accountant.


5.   Find a classmate with a spouse who is not from Owensboro.


6.   Find someone that you think has not changed much.


7.   Find someone who had the same date for our Junior and Senior Proms.


8.   Find someone you would have never recognized without their name tag.


9.   Find someone who is single.


10. Find someone who ran track for ABS.


11. Find someone who got an “A” in Mr. Westerfield’s class.


12. Find someone who was paddled during high school for inappropriate behavior.


13. Find someone who was in a play at AHS.


14. Find someone who clipped a test tube holder to Mr. Constants belt loop or tie.


15. Find someone who went out to lunch and NEVER got caught.




Open Letter to our Classmates


Dear Classmate,


So glad to see everyone at the reunion and for those classmates who were unable to attend, we look forward to seeing you at future reunions. This letter is to keep everyone informed as to what we mentioned at the reunion and for future reunions.


We have been informed that all group and individual photographs have been mailed out. If you did not receive your photograph please contact Lisa Garmon Newcom. The profit, from the photographs, was $76.00.


As a follow-up from our reunion, I wanted to let everyone know that we continue to develop our Website. Mike Dame has graciously volunteered to establish our Website. Our Website domain name is: APOLLOCLASSOF76.ORG. The Website is still under construction and will be up and running soon. The cost for the Website is approximately $100.00 each year. Our class had approximately $343 remaining from the reunion. The committee decided to pay for the first year’s maintenance. We would like to keep the Website for at least 5 years, until our next reunion. Having the Website will be a great way to communicate to classmates. However, in order to maintain the Website for future years we are asking for contributions. We need approximately $400 for the remaining four years. Any funds over the $400, we will keep for future reunions. If you would like to help us maintain the Website you can send your contribution to the following address:


Dr. C. Mark Fort

745 Scherm Road

Owensboro, KY 42301


From the financial aspect of our reunion, we opened our account with $543.67 (money remaining from a previous reunion). Deposits from classmates attending totaled $3,046 (which included the $76 from photographs). Our expenses were as follows: 1) $136 stamps, 2) $400 Sanders Sound (DJ), 3) $2,010.40 food, 4) $600 for the Executive Inn and 5) $100 for door prizes and superlative gifts. This leaves us with a balance of $343.27. Several classmates made donations of items such as paper, envelopes, nametags, decorations, long distant phone calls locating classmates and snacks for Friday night. Without their donations our reunion would not have been so successful. On behalf of the committee we thank you again for your gracious contributions.


If you have any questions regarding the Website, please feel free to contact me.


C. Mark Fort

1976 Class President

Apollo High School